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Beautifully written untold story of young teenage boy verbally abused by his father but overcomes that relationship to become a P-38 pilot and one of the "Greatest Generation."  

The book tells of the miracle encounter of a blind date on New Year's Eve, 1943, where the 19 year-old young man meets the love of his life, for a lifetime.

You are there in the jungles of New Guinea fighting a relentless foe with a superior airplane, the first to come out of the Lockheed Aircraft "Skunk Works."   Experience the dramatic night battle considered a "suicide mission" December 26, 1944 and Lloyd's meeting with Charles Lindbergh.

You will be MAD, SAD, and GLAD you read this ficitonal work based upon gathered facts based upon the pilot's life, as told by his son in tribute and memory.     Contact:

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********Coming soon:  "American Headhunter Son"    Is "The Baby Boomer Generation Greater Than the Greatest?"